Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day….Or Galentine’s Day as I’ve been seeing a lot lately…I  guess so the single ladies are not offended?

Valentine’s Day is really just another day around our house. I get QMonster and JHub a little something and of course I’d love a grand romantic gesture to fill my Facebook page with but I keep low expectations and am completely satisfied with a card…chocolates would be ok too but I am back on Weight Watchers and really wanting to hit my goal before my big 3-0 birthday so this year I won’t be upset if JHub forgets that part of the gift. I got JHub a card and a new hat that he said he wanted…really romantic huh? I told him I would cook dinner too…like a real dinner, not an out of the box frozen dinner…we shall see if hijacks my bacon wrapped pork tenderloins and cooks them for us so that I don’t mess them up….The dinner is my biggest act of love because I don’t like bacon or pork at all really so I hope JHub really feels the love with my dinner tonight…..

Of course QMonster will be having a school party today. Complete with candy, cupcakes, and juice boxes all dyed pink and red I’m sure. We had to send Valentine’s cards to the class too. I appreciate his teachers though because they kept it easy for the moms this year and asked for $5 to fund the party and 14 cards signed with your kiddo’s name….none of this “Here is the class roster. Personalize 32 cards for each child. Also, please sign up to bring 5 pizzas and juice to class.” I appreciate they the kept it low key and easy for us momma’s because we all know QMonster wasn’t writing his name on those cards…that was my late night project.

Easy Peasy!

Speaking of low key and easy…shoutout to the Target Dollar Spot for taking care of  us Pinterest WannaBe Moms this year with some SUPER CUTE (and cheap) Valentine’s Day cards. Recently JHub and I made the decision to cute High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial dyes from Q’s diet. (Speaking of, we’ve seen some big improvements and I am happy to tell you what he does eat instead and how easy the cut really was, if you care.) Anyways, I’ve always been the mom to send those candy cards. I didn’t really think much about the bad for you stuff and focused on how cute they were until this year….Anyways, right after Christmas, Target put their Valentine’s stuff out and they had cards for kids that came 16 to a box and were $3!!!! They had super cute sayings with a cute little coordinating eraser, pencil topper, or toy. They literally were so cute and gone like the same day they were put out. We got some for Q and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The cards were already separated so none of that ripping the cards on the perforated lines, the strings to attach the little figurines were pre-cut so no worrying about Q handling scissors, and the figurines are cute and dye free.

See, look how cute and Pinterst worthy they are!

So, on this Valentine’s Day i’m sending big love out to:

-JHub for keeping it real and being geniuenly excited about a new hat and all the romance that came with it.

-Qs teachers for helping us working moms out and asking for money and unpersonalized cards!

-Target for helping a Pinterest WannaBe Mom out with cute cards that required minimal money and effort!

-YOU for reading my blog!

Happy Valentine’s (or Galntine’s) Day!



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