First 90 Days

90 days ago I started a new journey. 11/1/2016 I signed up to be an Independent Distributor with SeneGence. I signed up because I fell in LOVE with the products. These products were MADE for busy moms, like myself, who had barely enough time to apply makeup once let alone reapply several times throughout the day. I signed up because I wanted a discount so I could afford my wishlist. I signed up because I

Getting Started with SeneGence

thought “Hey, my friends might like this stuff.”. I signed up because I saw the compensation plan and knew I could make a few extra bucks each month. I signed up because they offer FREE makeup and skin care by achieving super easy goals. I signed up because I wanted to make friends. I signed up because I am a makeup addict. While “my why” is important, the most important thing is that I signed up!

In my first 90 days with SeneGence:

-I reached my 30, 60, & 90 day goals which earned me over $1,000 in FREE makeup and skincare!

-I went outside of my comfort zone and attended a SeneGence training seminar in which I knew not a soul that would be there.

At Training

-I went even further outside of my comfort zone and had head shots done. (Read all about that fun experience here)

-I made legit income.

-I started growing a team!

-I gained confidence in my makeup application skills.

-I’ve learned how to go out of my comfort zone and wear more than just a nude lip color (Shoutout to Samon LipSense!)

-I was able to rid my makeup toolbox of unhealthy/oily/animal tested makeup brands and fill it with safe/cruelty free/SenePlex containing products.

Most importantly:

-I made new friends. I knew my upline Carrie through darts. Our significant others throw darts (Carrie, I put that in there just for you!).  Through SeneGence, we have formed a friendship & talk as often as our busy schedules allow. Also, that seminar provided me with more than just makeup know how & SeneGence knowledge but with friends. Most importantly, friends that share the same goals as myself.  Those head shots allowed me to meet some fun SeneSisters of mine that are clear across the

Carrie & I taking head shots

country! I have connected with women who are local to me as well via Facebook groups. These new friends are inspiring and uplifting and I am so thankful I found them.

This has just been the start! I am 90 days new and excited to see where I will be with this company 90 more days! If you are looking for confidence, money, friends, and FREE makeup let me know! I am happy to talk to you about SeneGence and how to get started!

My makeup gives me a paycheck. Does yours?


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