I’m So Vain

Everyone has that *thing* that they hate but they love at the same time. Mine is taking pictures of myself. I hate pictures of myself. Simply, I don’t think I am very photogenic. (Now, no need to comment with a bunch of pats on the back assuring me I am so pretty and pictures of me are so gorgeous. I am NOT looking for compliments. I am just stating my feelings.) However, I love the idea of pictures of me. I love taking selfies. I just struggle with loving the outcome most of the time. Literally, if you looked at my phone you’d find about 600 selfies in my “Recently Deleted” album and about 10 “Leah Approved” in my “All Photos” album. Part of the problem is that I am a perfectionist by nature so I am VERY critical of pictures of myself. My smile isn’t good enough. My teeth aren’t white enough. The lighting is bad. I look like I have a double chin. My hair is out of place. My under eye bags are terrible. etc etc etc. I can pick a picture (of myself) apart until I hate it and refuse to post it on one of my social media accounts.

For the typical mom, this really isn’t a problem because let’s be real, we hide behind the camera and post a dozen pictures of our kids and pets. Up until recently, I was a typical mom and this wasn’t that big of an issue for me. Then I started with SeneGence and quite frankly it is hard to sell makeup without showing off pictures of yourself. Sure, I can post pictures of other people looking great in the makeup all day long but my friends and family know me and want to see the goods on ME! Thus, I need to love selfies of myself so that I can share them with the world wide web.

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense

I stumbled upon the opportunity to have some head shots taken while JHub and I were out in Las Vegas on vacation. I decided this was a win win. I got to meet fellow SeneGence distributors, I got professional pictures taken, and I’d have some “Leah Approved” pictures to post in my VIP group. I had it built up in my head that these pictures would come out and the holy AHHHHH music would play and I would just swoon and want professional pictures taken of me everyday. Now don’t get me wrong, the pictures are GREAT and Siera (The photographer) did an AWESOME job behind the camera and with Photoshop. I am just so self critical….very much a creature of habit. However, I had SO MUCH FUN at the photo shoot. It was low key, chill, and no pressure. We shared so many laughs and had fun. I loved putting on makeup and having fun in front of the camera.

Showing off Mojave LipSense

After the shoot, I realized a few things. 1. Even after photo-shop has done it’s magic, I’ll still be able to pick a picture apart. 2. No fancy camera is going to magically make me love pictures of myself. 3. I LOVE getting dolled up and getting pictures of myself taken. 4. I am awkward as ever at smiling on command. 5. I have no clue if I like pictures of my teeth showing or not. 6. I am not a model. 7. A lot of women feel the exact same way I do!

The fun I had outweighed my self consciousness of my photos. I posted those bad boys in my VIP group AND even shared one or two on my personal FB page. I really enjoyed myself and am glad I got the photos done.

Honey Rose LipSense and my “mom face”

So, as vain as it sounds, I love taking selfies. Just don’t expect to see too many of them on social media! 😉


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