New Year! Same You!

With the new year here, I have heard the saying “New Year! New You!” get tossed around EVERYWHERE. Every time I hear it, I think “What is wrong with same ole me?” I am all about setting goals or resolutions to make habit changes but I don’t think we need a new you. I like the you that you are right now! So, I won’t be promoting “New Year! New You!” I will be promoting “New Year! Love You!”

With a new year, we often make goals or resolutions. A lot of them center around weight loss and bad habit changes. Those are great. If you want to lose weight, then set a plan and go for it. If you want to  quit smoking, then set a plan and go for it. If you want to stop spending money frivolously, then set a plan and go for it. I personally, am not making a specific resolution this year, I am focusing my 2017 year around “Enough” which you can read all about here.

Whether you make a resolution, goal, or focus your year around a word, I hope you focus on loving yourself! Sometimes, us moms forget about ourselves and focus on the kids and family. Take some time for yourself. Find a hobby. Read a book. Shop for a new outfit alone (unless your resolution was to stop spending frivolous money, then go grocery shopping alone). Drink a glass of wine (or bottle, no judgement).

One way that I am focusing on loving myself is dedicating some time each night to a skincare routine. I am envy women with flawless skin and I want to have skin that I love.  In the past, I was the girl that was doing good to take my makeup off at night. NO MORE! When you join the SeneGence family, they offer a fast start program, which is basically a rewards system that gets you free products for doing a good job. I received several SeneGence skin care items through this program & decided to give it a shot. I haven’t been super diligent about the routine for the past few weeks (thanks to crazy holiday demands) but I have already started seeing results. My skin is starting to glow and my breakouts are pretty much a thing of the past. I know that if I really commit to the regime I will see even better results so I am going to take the 5-10 minutes it takes each evening to go upstairs to my vanity & give my tired eyes and skin the love it deserves. This will be my 10 minutes of quiet time. (Shameless plug: If you are interested in learning more about the skin care regime I am using and/or want to see my results, use the VIP GROUP link under Momma’s Makeup at the top of the page)

I encourage each of you mommas to spend some time on yourself. Give yourself a break from this crazy demanding motherhood world. Happy 2017 Hot Mess Mommas! New Year! Love You!




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