It’s coming a flood….

Pop Quiz: How many microfiber clothes does it take to clean up 46.5 fl oz of laundry detergent?

Answer: 19….I conducted scientific research, I know this for a fact…..

Recently, JHub watched a documentary on living minamilastic & decided we should adopt said practice (this is just the tip of the iceberg on that story, more to come in a future blog post) & I decided to play along (I say play because let’s be real, I love stuff & I ain’t parting with too many of my Target clearance rack finds!). My first room was the laundry room. I cleaned out some of the cabinets and moved the laundry detergent off the top of the dryer and into said cabinet. Because I used to coupon like crazy, I had a couple of bottles of detergent (read 7) so I decided that a few would go where I can reach and the extras would lay on their side on the top shelf. No biggie, they all fit & the laundry room looked “minimalistic”. (I say looked because all I did was put clutter behind closed cabinet doors!)

Well, a day later I went to do a load of laundry and was greeted with a puddle of water around the washer. I had a mini heart attack because standing water in your house is never a cheap fix. Upon further investigation, I discovered said puddle was actually soap! I instantly knew what happened and looked in my newly organized cabinet. Y’all! Freaking laundry detergent was EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

Literally LITERALLY dripping out of the bottom of the cabinet and into the floor behind the washer! I pulled out the 3 bottles laying on their side & found the culprit.

The culprit!

Shout out to All for the leak proof caps! You guys! I didn’t know what to do so I called JHub in to handle the situation. He had to pull the washing machine completely out (like get the pliers out, undo the water connections) so I could get back there to clean up the soap puddle. We had to use roughly 10 cloths to get the cabinet itself cleaned out & I had to wash the shelf liners for about 10 minutes to get all the soap off (my gosh laundry detergent is sudsy!). Seriously!!!! Between the floors, liners, & cabinets it took the 2 of us 25 minutes & 19 microfiber cloths to clean up 46.5 fl oz of spilled laundry detergent. Do you know how hard it is to clean up using very little water? Soap + water = suds for days & I knew I didn’t want that!

Only a Hot Mess Momma like myself could flood her laundry room with soap. I rest my case as to why I shouldn’t attempt a minimalist lifestyle & why I shouldn’t be allowed in a laundry room.

The plus side of this story is my laundry room has never been so clean! I’ve never in the almost 4 years of living in our house cleaned behind my washer. The floor got a deep clean with extra soap. And, best part, I got rid of a bottle of laundry detergent that was taking up space so BOOM I’m on the fast track to living the minimalistic life!


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