Happy Birthday QMonster


Today my son is 5. F I V E years old….please excuse me while I go cry my eyes out…like seriously…why do they grow up so fast?!? I am thankful that he is growing, is healthy, and happy but I just want him to stay little for a bit longer. Despite my wants and wishes, he is still celebrating a birthday today.

The Birthday Boy!

Birthdays call for parties and quite frankly, I love throwing a good theme party. Of course we couldn’t let Q’s 5th birthday go by without a fun party. This year’s theme: Breakfast with Santa

We asked all the kids to come hungry & wear their PJs. We feasted on chocolate donuts, oreo yogurt, biscuits, fruit salad, and more. The kiddos filled their cute little milk bottles up with chocolate milk while the mommas drank mimosa punch from reindeer champagne flutes. We even had a donut shaped cake to round out the celebration.

For entertainment we had a special guest: SANTA! Santa talked to each kid, gave them a reindeer balloon animal, & held a dance party in our living room. We also had a reindeer games station which featured an advent calendar craft and some sticker sets.

The best family photo we got!

Quin was “snow” glad everyone came & gave each kid some snowman poop (white coconut flavored jelly beans) to take on the road.

Quin was showered with gifts. Everyone ate a ton of sugary breakfast goodness. We danced and drank in our PJs. It was a fun day celebrating Quinlan James turning 5.

Me & Santa!

Happy Birthday QJA. I love you!


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