Target (or the “Red Prize Store” as QMonster calls it) is my place. Flat out, it is my home away from home. I LOVE TARGET. I love Target for several reasons. One being that I NEED retail therapy. I am a firm believe in Retail Therapy and practice it often. With Target, I can get my groceries and new shoes all in one store, thus feeding my need for retail therapy & feeding my family in one trip! Win Win!

Because I am a busy mom, I often run to Target on my lunch break to get groceries. Today, during my lunch break, I went in with 5 things on my list…3 bags full of stuff & an hour later, I am looking over my receipt to see that I purchased 21 items and spent $88.25. I mean how do I pass up 3 for $10 12 packs of Coca Cola? Quin needs a book for his school Christmas party so I might as well grab it now even though the party is in 10 days. At some point during the month I am going to wrap presents and who wants to use last years Christmas paper when Target has pretty snowman paper on sale? And, while I am here, I might as well grab one of their pre-made salads because, after all, this is my lunch break and I need some food. See, the BullsEye Vortex just sucks you in! (Thanks to my Red Card & my Cartwheel, I saved $14.73 so of course I treated myself to Starbucks because hey, I earned it!) 

#MomsLoveTarget #MomsLoveStarbucks

Listen, I know they have had their fair share of bad news recently. Between the data hack and the bathroom situation, things didn’t look good for my beloved store BUT I’m still there swiping my Red Card. Everyone who boycotted Target just did me a favor. With all y’all out of my store there is more left in the dollar section for me, less of a chance I loose out on a good clearance find, and a shorter line at Starbucks. Thank you! Really, I mean it, thank you!

I could go to Target 3 times in a single week but each time I am going to stop and look at the dollar section, knowing damn good and well nothing has changed (but I have to look JUST IN CASE). I am going to check out the clearance end caps each and every time I go, just in case something was marked down recently. (I even learned if you are super nice to the associate, she can scan the item and tell you when it will be marked down again!) I’ll never be able to say I am going “run in and grab something” because quite frankly that is a LIE. One doesn’t simply “run in”. I go in & get caught up in the BullsEye Vortex and browse for an hour. Speaking of going in, they should just charge me $100 to walk in the door because no matter if my list has 5 things or 50 things on it, I am going to spend an average of $100. If I get out of Target for less than $50, I feel like I hit the jackpot and need to go back and do some more shopping.

Bringing Basic Back!

Where else can you get curtains, milk, & an outfit for tomorrow’s girls dinner? No where! Where else can you pick up a birthday cake, cup of coffee, and your prescription all in one store? No where! Seriously! One stop shopping, an app full of coupons, and you save 5% just by swiping your debit card…that’s like having a coupon for everything you purchase! Who doesn’t love saving money?

All that to say: I LOVE YOU, TARGET! Thank you for taking all of my money in such a way that I don’t even feel like I got robbed!



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