Elf On The Shelf

“It’s a no from me”-Simon Cowell

Go ahead and kick me out of the Cool Moms club & block my access to Pinterest….

I REFUSE to do Elf On The Shelf. 

Now that you have gasped in horror and probably called CPS on me for depriving QMonster, let me explain….


I browse Pinterest and see all of the cute EOTS ideas and think “OMG Q would LOVE that” and really think about getting the book and starting the tradition but then I REALLY think about what is all involved and quite frankly I can’t make that commitment. I’ve said several times, “If it depends on me for life, it is not welcome in my home. This includes plants, pets, and people.” Seriously, I have so much on my plate as is and struggle enough to keep myself and the 3 others that NEED me to survive alive, fed, & clean. If I brought an elf into our home, it would depend on ME to come up with its creative shenanigans & execute said ideas.


More reason why I don’t do EOTS:

  1. Sure, I could tell JHub to move the elf and make it do something funny but it would either be doing something inappropriate or wouldn’t be as cute as I imagined and I would have to re-do it. So that’s out.

    Would Be JHub’s Elf
  2.  I often go to bed at the same time as Q so then I would be rushing around like a mad women in the morning trying to get the darn thing moved & we already know that I am barely able to get Q & myself out of the house on time as is so we definitely can’t add another “thing” on our to-do list in the AM.
  3. If the elf didn’t move before I went to bed & I didn’t find time in the AM to setup the move then I would have to come up with some excuse as to why the elf didn’t move & deal with the meltdown that would ensue after.
  4. If I did get the elf moved & into trouble, I would have to spend time each morning “hunting” the elf & laughing at this craziness with Q each morning and again, we are already running late each morning.
  5. Pinterest helps with fun ideas but lets be real: Steal an idea off Pinterest and then post it to FB & all the other soccer moms will think “Ugh, she got that idea off Pinterest, not original.” so you have to be super creative and out-do the standard out of the box Pinterest ideas and quite frankly I struggle to pick out outfits for Q & I so I definitely can’t drum up elf shenanigans.

elf3Now, I know the ole saying about you make time for whats important to you yada yada and I agree I could make the time if I REALLY wanted to but quite frankly I don’t want to. I just don’t understand why I would spend my already precious time making a mess that I am going to have to clean up a few hours later and then re-create after bedtime. I just don’t get that. Moms, we have enough to-do. We have enough messes to clean. We have enough responsibilities so why in the crazy world would you add another item to your responsibility chart, one more item to your “clean up” list, one more headache to your head?

I am all about making memories with your kids. I am all about getting a smile on kiddo’s face. I am all about the holidays and traditions. Our house will not use a mischievous elf to achieve said holiday goals. What we will do:  We will decorate a tree, bake cookies, look through a toy catalog, see Santa at the mall, wrap presents, watch Christmas movies, and tackle our advent calendar each evening so don’t worry QMonster isn’t going to be deprived of memories, fun, & smiles this holiday season. elf5

Elf or no elf, However you & your family choose to make memories this holiday season, I hope you all have a fun & blessed holiday season!


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