December Challenge

How did you do with our November challenge? I did okay. I was terrible about posting on the weekends. Don’t worry, if you didn’t do well, I know you are thankful, just busy! It’s a new month so that means it is time for a new challenge.

During the Christmas rush, us moms focus so much on giving. We want everyone to get the perfect gift. We stress ourselves out making sure that the kiddo’s get everything on their list, our MIL likes the scarf we got her, our spouse gets the latest gadget, etc etc etc. We forget about ourselves. We always say “Oh I don’t need anything, whatever you get me is perfect.” We truly mean that but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream up the perfect gift list, right?

Here’s the December challenge….Spend a few minutes each day dreaming about things for yourself. Use the hashtag #DreamingHMMC to share your dream gift list with the rest of us! (I realize there are only 25 items. Think of this as Hot Mess Momma Advent Calendar counting down til Christmas) 


One thought on “December Challenge

  1. 1. NEW Mercedes
    3. Diamonds
    4. Bracelets
    5. More Make up
    6.peace of Mind
    7. No pain in ankle
    8. House cleaner
    9. Cooking lessons
    10. Trust


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