Skimm This

Have you heard of The Skimm? I hadn’t either until about a month ago when I was browsing Pinterest. The Skimm is a daily morning email that basically gives you a high overview of world events and news from the previous day.

Why do I love The Skimm? Because its an email that takes me all of 5-7 minutes to read and I feel educated and like I am up on the latest events. It also allows me to talk semi-intelligently about issues and topics with others. It also gives me great “water cooler conversation” starters. The emails are written in my preferred method: KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie) meaning they take out all of the big words and replace them with normal everyday sentences so that people like me can read & comprehend quickly. They have a bit of a sarcastic & humor approach to news reporting which is refreshing first thing in the morning.

Best part? IT IS TOTALLY FREE! That’s right! Someone does all the writing and you get all the information FREE.

So grab your morning coffee and skip the FB newsfeed as your news source and start using The Skimm! Ready to sign up? Go here!


Sign Up With The Skimm!

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