Mom Life Made Easy

Being a mom is HARD. Everything depends on mom. Everyone needs something from mom. The kids need to be fed, husband needs his shirts from the dry cleaners, dog wants a treat, school wants you to do a fundraiser for them, work needs you to stay late, TBall team needs you to bring snacks after practice, etc etc etc…like seriously its just HARD to balance all the STUFF there is to do…

While I can’t make all the to-dos disappear, I can share some of my favorite things that make my mom-career a little bit easier! (All of the items linked below are from Amazon & are prime eligible!)

  • shoes2
    Q’s Shoes with his no tie laces!

    No Tie Shoe Laces-I hate shoe laces. I swear I can triple knot those SOBs and 5 minutes later they are untied again. I am constantly telling Q to stop playing and  come let me tie his shoes. In an effort to stop repeating myself, I found a solution: Cool Oumer’s No Tie ShoeLaces …These laces are stretchy so they make the shoe easy to get on/off & are made of silicone so they can be wiped off with a wipe and are good as new. They have texture to them so they actually look like laces. They are far better than those spiral laces we had in our shoes when we were kids that screamed “I can’t tie my shoes & my parents are lazy!”  They are cheap (Like $12 for 3 pairs), easy to install, and perfect for kiddos who can’t keep their shoes tied!

  • ssSippin’Spouts-QMonster is always thirsty. I am one of THOSE moms who keeps a close eye on what he drinks and push water to him more often then not (esp. when we are at the ballpark, concerts, outdoor festivals) . However, a bottle of water isn’t quite kid friendly. The opening is big making water spill all over their face. They spill easily when kiddo forgets to put the lid back on. I discovered Sippin’Spouts & have been really pleased with them. They are adapters for bottles of water that turn the bottle into a sippy cup type setup. Perfect for little kids or big kids! They are cheap ($6 for two) and super durable. I keep some in my drawers at home and one in my purse. Q will now only drink his water out of these spouts.
  • batiste
    Dry Shampoo!

    Dry Shampoo-Seriously, if you are mom who hasn’t yet discovered dry shampoo, you are in for a life change! If you currently are a DS user but haven’t found the perfect formula yet, STOP LOOKING. I have found it for you! Batiste Dry Shampoo is AWESOME. It works great & is cheap! The reason it works so great is because it comes in different shades so there is a different kind for your hair color. Thus, brunettes like myself don’t end up with white powder on our scalps! Look for your color here: Light&Light Blonde Medium&Brunette  Deep&Dark Brown or the original Clean & Classic

  • fitbit1
    FitBit Alta & Bands!

    FitBit Alta- I LOVE my Fitbit Alta and wear it daily. I pretty much know I am lazy & don’t walk enough but my Alta sends me a little nudge every so often to remind me to MOVE. It also has bluetooth capability so when my phone is at the bottom of my trash dump purse, I can look on my wrist to see who is calling/texting and if they are important enough for me to stop & dig through the dump. The thing I love most about the Alta is that a lot of people jumped on board & designed bands in different colors/textures for them so you can literally change your watch band to match your outfit each morning with ease! The Alta comes in small or large.

Alright, that is my Top 4 Must Have Mom Savers!  Anyone else have a product that they just LOVE and helps them in their mom-career? Share in the comments!


[Please note that some of the links in this article are affiliate links and this blog will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. We have used all of the products listed and recommend them because we LOVE them ourselves!]

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