November Challenge

Back in September, I challenged myself to avoid spending money on stupid sh*t. I called the challenge No Spend September and you can read about how that went HERE. In October I decided to change things up and challenged myself to walk more (HERE is that challenge info). I ROCKED September. October rocked me. I can save money but I can’t walk. This month, I thought I needed to give myself a challenge that is more realistic. One that I might actually accomplish so I don’t feel like a failure when I post on the World Wide Web about how terrible I did.

So, I thought about it & realized I spend A LOT of time on social media so why not capitalize on that? It is also November which means the month is all about being thankful. Here is the challenge: Using Instagram, post a picture a day of something you are thankful for. Now I know that seems super easy & really it is because I promise, if you look around, despite the dirty clothes, pile of dishes, and sticky floors, you have a lot to be thankful for! In order to keep myself from taking pictures of QMonster, JHub, & Margaritas each day, I came up with a list of prompts which I’ll post below.


Now that you have read about the challenge & seen the daily prompts, are you IN? No reason not to be, I know you are going to be on Insta this month anyways! Remember to use the hashtag #ThankfulHMMC so we can all see your photos and appreciate your thankfulness!


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