October Challenge Recap

Well, I’ll just be honest…I AM LAZY! Literally, y’all, I was only successful ONE day this month! O N E ….Out of 31! How stinkin’ terrible is that?

(I realize today has just started and that 1 could turn into a 2 but judging by the previous 30 days, I am going to say the odds are not likely…even with all the trick-or-treat walking we will be doing this evening!)

Starting off the month….

At the beginning of the month, I decided the October Challenge would be “Trick or Treat! Move Your Feet!” and I would challenge myself to walk 8k steps each day. I own the fact that I just flat failed however I do have a few excuses to give you…

  1. I was sick with some kind of stomach bug for an entire week! A solid 7 days of stomach issues. I didn’t do much that week except hang out in the bathroom & sleep.
  2. I realized riding my son’s scooters doesn’t give me any steps. QMonster makes me ride his scooter literally 2-3 times per week and during one of the rides I watched my Fitbit & realized I wasn’t getting any credit for my ride, steps wise.
  3. My Fitbit died once or twice….Literally it is one more freaking thing that depends on me for life and I am doing good to keep the people in my life fed & cleaned so one more dang thing that NEEDS me to do something for it just gets put on the back burner.
  4. I work a desk job Monday-Thursday and have been REALLY busy at work…no time to get up, walk around, & socialize

So you see, it isn’t entirely my fault that I was more like a sloth than a cheetah this month. Between a dead Fitbit, steps not getting counted, busy work days, and illness, I wasn’t setup for success! (The previous statements are a joke, I know I am lazy & its all my fault!)

One Yellow Square! O N E!

With all that being said, I don’t like feeling like a failure and then having to admit it to the world wide web so the November challenge will a bit easier…think social media/pictures/thankful…Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post featuring the November challenge!

How did you guys do this month? Surely someone did better than me!


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