Fundraiser Flashbacks

Happy #FlashBackFriday….A few weeks ago I shared a picture of QMonster’s latest adventure: selling coupon books…and since I shared that picture I started to really think about school fundraisers and well here are my thoughts….

The picture I shared recently.


Listen Listen Listen….I get it. I know schools need money. They are under-funded and such. I get that. I agree. I am happy to give them help…just ask me for a donation at the beginning of the year with a note that says “The more you donate now, the less we will fundraiser later.” BOOM you get my money!

QMonster is in 4k. I PAY for him to go to school weekly so fundraising at this age irritates me just a little bit more…Now he is coming home with coupon books that we are supposed to sell. They sent one home as a “selling tool” and if we don’t either a)purchase that one or b)turn it back in then we are charged a fee. I had to go ahead and purchase our “selling tool” because our book will NEVER get returned in its original condition and we will get charged for damages.

When I was kid we sold wrapping paper & candy. Nobody bought the paper but everyone bought the chocolate. What happened to that? Send QMonster home with a big ol box of those World’s Finest Chocolates and BAM the whole box will be sold in minutes…TO US! Nowadays kids are selling sheets,mattresses, candles, coupon books, Boston butts, and Krispy Kreme donuts (We’ve purchased 2 of the items previous mentioned from doorbell ringing kids…I’ll let you guess which two)

Coupon books are a little more advanced then previous days because now they have an app that you can get and use some special code to access the coupons on your phone…Which is great…except only one person in the household can use the code and conveniently JHub stole the code first…therefore I am left with the d@mn book laying in my front seat of my already Hot Mess car. Of course I’ll never actually use it. It’ll lay in my front seat for a few weeks getting all tore up before I move in the back pocket on one of my seats where it’ll soon be forgotten until 6 months past its expiration date. I may occasionally remember to whip it out only to discover there are 600 places in the book but the one place we are at is not.

THEN to top it off, the note that accompanied the “Selling Tool” said something along the lines of there is a classroom challenge and whichever class sells the most gets a special treat. Oh HECK NO! Of course the challenge is on! I can’t have little QMonster crying because the class next door sold 50 coupon books and got pizza and his class sold 10 and got regular ol school food for lunch. (Kidding, the challenge isn’t really on because I only bought 1 and didn’t try to sell any others…Maybe another over-achieving mom in the class will handle the challenge for our room?)

Also, I think school fundraisers cause tension among friends and family. Obviously my 4year old son who has no concept of a dollar much less a 50 cent off coupon can’t sell said books. Which means I have to do the selling for him…. “Hey Mom, I know you already spent $300 on Q for Christmas but can you also buy one of these front seat riding useless paper books so he can have a pizza party at school” “Hey Best Friend, I know your kiddo is selling stuff too. Want to buy a coupon book?” “Hey Neighbor. I know you hate me because our dog barks all day long but do you want to buy a coupon book?” “Hey coworker, I know we were just complaining about our company insurance going up again. Want to buy a coupon book?” See…its awkward (unless its food, then its cool.)

All that to say: I hate school fundraisers.


Some of QMonster’s teachers actually follow Hot Mess Momma Club and I’m sure are reading this thinking “What the heck?” Just know I LOVE you guys. I think you’re a wonderful school and the teachers are AWESOME. Please don’t take this personal & make Q move his clothespin  to red everyday because his momma hates fundraisers. 

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