Loving My Lips

You know what is frustrating? Spending $23 on lipstick only to have it rub off on your straw or rim of your coffee cup. Heck I don’t even kiss JHub for real in the mornings when I am leaving because I don’t want him to get my lipstick. We do this half kiss cheek thing! Its expensive & if I am going to take the time to put it on, then by gosh it should AT LEAST be on by the time I get to work 30 minutes later.  Nothing irritates me more then looking at my straw and finding my $23 Trendy Mauve lipstick all over it. Good news: THAT FRUSTRATION HAS GONE AWAY!

I recently logged into Facebook  and found my friend Carrie had started a new business adventure with LipSense. Being the supportive friend I am, I ordered the kit. You guys! LIFE. CHANGING. I was eager to get my color kit and get started. I was super pumped to see if it held up to its claims of long lasting and passing the white cup test. I am happy to report: IT DID ALL THAT IT PROMISED! LipSense is going to change the way you look at lipstick. LipSense, avaliable in 70+ shades, stays on ALL DAY LONG. Literally, never one time do you have to reapply your color. The formula is different. It adheres TO YOUR LIPS. It passes the white cup & straw test. Your husband can kiss you & won’t walk away with your Trendy Mauve all over his lips! IT DOESN’T GO AWAY!

Listen, I don’t sell LipSense (Though, after looking at the compensation plan and knowing how many more colors I want, that could change soon) so this isn’t a sales pitch. This is real life momma to momma talk. Who hates looking in the mirror at 3:30 thinking “Ugh I know I looked better than this when I left the house. Where is my makeup?” I do! Not anymore…Now I look in the mirror at 5pm and think “Dannnnnng Hot Momma, loving those lips!” I love looking at my straw and seeing STRAW not Trendy Mauve!

DANNNNG Hot Momma! Look at those lips! Fresh face at 9am!

With so many color options,  LipSense is bound to be able to color match to your current favorite. I was able to find a close replacement for Trendy Mauve in color Nude. I also wear a reddish color for a “fancier” look and found that match in Honey Rose. Of course, my wishlist has grown to like 10 more colors and now I want to try their eye shadow too because if their lipstick can last this long, I bet their eye shadow can too!

5 hours later, color still going strong!

The old saying “You get out what you put in” applies here with LipSense. You have to apply 3 thin coats, with a few seconds of drying time in between each layer. So it takes more than 1 second to apply…not long, like 30 second opposed to 5. Also, I found that when I first started applying the color I got a slight tingling feeling. I took this as the adhesion happening (Although, later, I discovered this is due to the alcohol in the product. Your color tube will last a MINIMUM of 4 months and they add alcohol to prevent bacteria growth. So cool! ). After you get the color on, you apply the gloss which comes in several finishes like shiny, gold, silver, matte, etc. To keep your lips looking fresh all day, you can reapply the gloss finish throughout the day. Never the color, just the top coat, similar to how you apply a chapstick several times throughout the day.

Think about all the time & money you are going to save here. You only apply the color one time a day so right there BAM savings because your $25 lipstick is going to last a whole heck of a lot longer (4 months at the minimum!!!) . You won’t be spending precious time in the Target parking lot trying to get your lipstick on just right. Instead, you’ll just hop out of the car and over to the dollar section in no time because you put your color on that morning and IT HASN’T MOVED!

I am super excited to share this awesomeness in a tube with you so I am hosting a Facebook party. My girl, Carrie, will color match your favorite shades with LipSense shades & get you hooked up with the goods. She can also share the awesome compensation plan with you, if you are interested in making a few extra dollars! Because Hot Mess Mommas love FREE stuff, I am giving away a FREE tube of my favorite color NUDE to one lucky HMMC member! All you have to do is go join the Facebook party HERE and you’ll be entered to win!

Color applied at 3pm Sunday…Photo taken at 11am Monday!

On Saturday, I’ll be going LIVE on the Hot Mess Momma Club Facebook page with application tips! You don’t want to miss this because everyone who tunes in gets a FREE HMMC gift! So tell me, what color are you going to try first?!?



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