I repeat…

Last night I realized I am one big broken record. I have about 15 phrases and that is all I say ALL DAY LONG. I literally say the SAME thing OVER and OVER again…go to bed…wake up…say the SAME THINGs OVER and OVER again…

Here are the things I say OVER and OVER again on a daily basis:


-“Just one second”

-“Go ask your daddy”

-“Go potty”

-“Do you need me to help?”

-“Just one more”


-“I’m watching you”

-“Uh huh”

-“That is cool buddy”


-“Don’t be mean to the dog”

-“Play nice”

-“Are you hungry?”

-“Mommy is tired”

Thank goodness I go to a “real job” full of adults some days of the week…helps me flex my vocabulary muscle and put to use all of the vocab classes I took in school. Otherwise I think I would only be able to communicate using the 30 or so words shown above.

Think about your day yesterday. Assuming it was a typical day, you probably said the same 10-20 phrases OVER and OVER again to your little army. Am I right? What are some of your repeat phrases?


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