I Spy With My Little Eye…

When I was kid we had a book fair at school. They transformed the library into a mini Books-A-Million. I don’t really know why it was called a BOOK fair because the pencil/poster/toy section had way more selection than the book section. I actually liked to read as a kid so I did buy books but my sister (Shout out to Aunt Jackie, AJ for short.) hated to read so she would buy those I Spy books at the school book fair.

Today, I was working on some t-shirt designs (While entertaining Quin and acting like I was interested in the episode of Bubble Guppies we had going on in the background…I should get a Momtastic Mom Medal for multitasking like a champion!) whe my phone alerted me to a new text message. I looked over in the corner of my desk that I typically put my phone and literally couldn’t find my phone because of the PILE of SH!T crammed into this one tiny corner of my desk. Literally I could hear my phone but I couldn’t find it under the hot wheels, Finding Nemo flash cards, a monogrammed A bracelet (no clue why I have that, my name starts with an L), a label maker, my hot bottle of water, a ketchup shaped ink pen, pens, paper, and more. I literally played a game of I Spy trying to find my phone in the mess of productivity going on in just one corner of my desk (I have a rather large L-Shaped desk so just go ahead and imagine if the image below is one corner what the rest of it looks like). Pretty sure the picture below is going to be in the next release of I Spy-Mom Edition.

Have no fear, I found my phone…Q Monster had it & was trying to “Listen to the highway song” (Life is a Highway -Rascal Flatts). Maybe one day I’ll get around to cleaning this mess or I won’t and I’ll be brave a share a picture of the entire mess I call a desk! Anyone else have a good picture for the I Spy-Mom Edition book?



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