Q Monster!

Q Monster. QJA. QJ. Q. Quin. Quinlan. Quinlan James.

My son. My world. My sunshine. My baby. He is…The reason for my smile. The reason I am a momma. The reason I want to be better. The reason I want to rush home after work.  The reason I work hard. The reason I believe in love at first sight (One day I’ll share our adoption journey here and you’ll better understand this one).  The reason I am never bored. The reason I have strong laugh lines. The reason my phone is out of storage (Thanks to his games/apps and the 1million photos I take of him).  The reason I know what unconditional love is. The reason I know that channel 1302 is the best channel ever (Nick Jr HD for all you UVerse folks). The reason I started this blog.

He is also….The reason for my wrinkles. The reason for my grey hairs. The reason my car looks more like the city dump than a mode of transportation. The reason I drink (Well, only one of the reasons). The reason I have a Target Red Card (Saves us 5% on Hot Wheels!).  The reason I learned how to count to 3 (Kidding, I knew how to count long before I became a mom but he sure did help me perfect the 1-2-3 thing). The reason my house resembles a war zone. The reason I am always tired. The reason why I am late (Not always his fault but I was much better about being timely before I became a mom).  The reason why I started this blog.

I have spoke about myself a few times and gave an introduction (located here) on the main page. I also spent a few minutes being vain and talked about myself on a previous post.  However, the most important person behind this blog is my son, Quinlan James. He is the reason I am a Hot Mess Momma. He gives me the inspiration for this blog and he provides all the funny and real moments that I talk about. So, I thought it was a fine time for me to introduce you to him.

20(Ta-da! Here is Q Monster!)

Quinlan has been the center of mine and J-Hub’s world for just over 2 years now. We adopted him in 2014 when he was 2 years old. He will turn 5 in late December. Quin is BOY…ALL BOY. He is a play in the dirt, wear t-shirts and shorts, no frills kinda guy. He is hilarious, handsome, silly, and so smart. He LOVES cars, trucks, trains, planes…any mode of transportation is his thing. He collects Hot Wheels. He HAS to know how everything works and figures things out really quickly. People often comment that they think he will be an engineer one day.

Quin has Type A tendencies and loves to help me clean. He is strong willed and loves to be the boss. He has a sweet tooth like no other and would drink chocolate milk all day long, if you’d let him. Q loves to play outside. He is a BIG momma’s boy. He prefers showers over baths. He would love to go swimming every day. His favorite movie is Cars. He loves music, specifically “the highway song” aka Life Is Highway by Rascal Flatts. Q is tall and skinny. He has blue eyes that are to die for. His blonde hair will make any girl jealous. He tans perfectly in the summer sun. And his smile, oh that smile, he gets WHATEVER he wants by flashing that goofy grin.

Quin is so much like Jimmy and I it is scary! He can tune me out and focus in on whatever show he is watching JUST LIKE HIS DADDY. He would pick candy over “real food” for every meal JUST LIKE ME. Q has the prettiest blue eyes JUST LIKE J-HUB. Quin needs to be in control which makes it hard because SO DO I. He is our child through and through. This is Quinlan James. Our Son, our pride & joy.

So, thanks to Q Monster and all of his random (and sometimes hilarious) stories, sayings, and behaviors, we have the HotMessMommaClub blog! Stay tuned for more HMM moments brought to you by Q Monster and his Hot Mess Momma!




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