October Challenge!

Earlier this week I told you all about my No Spend September challenge that I took on. Since it is OCTOBER, it is time for a new challenge…This month is


Its time to lace up my tennis shoes and get to moving! My challenge for myself is to get 8k steps a day. Now I know the health gurus of the world say 10k should be everyone’s daily goal but quite frankly I don’t get near 8k much less 10k so I figure I’ll start small and try to get to a more achievable number first and then a harder number later!

Here is my bullet journal layout for the month.


Grab your bullet journals & fun pens so you can create your fun October Challenge page too! Feel free to copy my layout or head over to Pinterest to find a million different styles.

Who is joining me this month? What should we use as an incentive if we complete the challenge?

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