Flashback Friday-Friday Night Lights

Happy Friday! To keep up with the every so trendy daily hashtag, I thought I would write a #FlashBackFriday post about my fun crazy Friday night last week.

A little back story before I begin: J-Hub went to Thompson and I went to Pelham (though at different times because he is old. older than me.). Our HSs are rivals and football is huge here in the south so when the two play each other, its a big deal!

Ok, so a few weeks ago, I got this great idea that we needed to take Q Monster to the Pelham/Thompson game so we could watch the big rival game and Q could experience a southern must: Football! J-Hub agreed and we put the event on our family calendar (Will feature this on one of my “Things I love” posts because I love a good calendar). Friday 9/23 was the date of the big game. Kickoff is at 7 so we went to dinner around 6 at a local restaurant that is literally 2 miles down the road from the stadium. Here is a map to give you an idea….


The dinner was typical….We ordered (Q got spaghetti–This is a detail you’ll need later). We sat down to wait on our food. As soon as the food came and I started eating, Q had to go potty. It was single stall bathroom and some lady was taking FOREVER and Q “Had to go bad” so I had to help Q get his pants down and stand outside the men’s while he did his business. We went back to our table where Q then took an entire hour to eat his spaghetti NOODLE BY NOODLE. Literally ONE FREAKING NOODLE AT A TIME. I know I know, at least he ate blah blah blah I get it but come on kid, twirl and slurp that’s how you eat spaghetti!

He finishes up and we get in the car to make the short 5 minute drive up the road. Except the road was BUSY and the drive wasn’t short. In fact, there were so many cars on this small two lane road that it took us 1 hour and 6 minutes to drive 1.9 miles. We literally waited in the longest line of cars, with our windows down, and music blaring. The line was so bad that some people were parking and walking the 2 miles (We are lazy and did NOT do that.) Q liked the people walking by and treated it like a reverse parade…he waved to them and talked to them (BTW, High school kids are great! They get a bad rap but really they were so nice to Q and talked to him and waved to him. I really appreciated them and their parents should be proud of how they interacted with a small child.) Here is a picture I took of the traffic:

Seriously, the traffic!

Once we got to the school, we had to park in the grass down the hill from the stadium. While this saved us $5 parking fee, we had to hike up a hill and I think I would have rather paid the $5 for closer parking. But nonetheless, we were on a mission so we made due. We hiked…see here is photo proof…ok not really proof of anything but its our shadows as we walked up the hill to the stadium….

Hiking up the hill

Once we got to the stadium, I realized my mistake…THE PLACE WAS A MAD HOUSE. There were people EVERY.FREAKING.WHERE. Not to mention, our dinner ran way longer than it should have and we waited an hour just to park so now its after 8pm and THE HALFTIME SHOW WAS STARTING. We got to see both bands play, so really we were just in time for the good stuff!

Q Watching THS band

Since it was Pelham’s homecoming, there were balloons and Q wanted one BAD. J-Hub was super dad and untied one from the fence and gave it to him (Sorry PHS, send me a bill) so Q was happy….see happy kid below:

Q and his balloon

Then J-Hub wanted a sno cone so we stand in that line and get sno cones. Q decided he only wanted to drink his and wasn’t happy because the ice wasn’t melted so I had to hold it for a few minutes…I was a sticky mess by the time the darn thing was melted enough to pass Q’s test. The picture below doesn’t do the stickiness justice but I promise, I had sno cone all over me.

Sno Cone Sticky!

Q wanted me to hold him so he could watch the game. He also wanted to eat his sno cone while I was holding him…you know where this story is going….yep, he spilled that damn melted sno cone all down my side. Now, I would have been pissed because I had sticky sno cone all over me but quite frankly it was hot and the sno cone was cold and felt quite nice. Plus I was wearing a dark shirt so nobody could tell. The fruity smell of cotton candy also covered up any sweat smell I had.

We left after being there for an hour. Right at the top of the 4th Qtr. We literally sat in the car longer than we stayed at the game…go figure. Thompson ended up winning based on an article I saw online Saturday morning. Nonetheless, we had a good family evening, Q got to see my HS, and Q got a balloon so all in all it was a win.

See, we were all smiles…forced smiles but we are smiling….

My crew at the game!

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