Who Am I?

Who is the crazy lady who shares seemingly embarrassing moments of her life as a mom with the world wide web? It’s me, Leah! I wrote a little bit about me in the “About the Author” section of the blog but I figured I would go into a little more details and formally introduce myself.

This is me…obvs

My name is Leah and I married to J-Hub. Our son, Q Monster, is an only child (unless you are one of those families that count your pets as children, in which case Q has an older fur-brother, Henry and a younger fur-brother, Marshall). We live in Alabama (Yes we know all of the words to Sweet Home Alabama. Yes like football. Yes, we think Nick Saban should be on the ballot in November. No, we are not cousins…I think that clears up all of the typical thoughts people have when we say we are from Alabama.) 

Me & My Boys!

Though born in the north, I am actually a good southern girl. I love monograms. I keep up with my football team (er kinda..). I own a pair of pearls (though I think I may have let someone borrow them and never got them back so maybe I don’t actually own pearls). I love Comfort Color Ts (Not a paid advertisement-If you haven’t invested in an over-sized Comfort Color T go buy one of our Stick With Kindness Ts from the HMMC shop). My favorite things include margaritas, shopping alone, pedicures, all things glitter, and GNO (Girls Night Out–really defeats the point of shorthand if you have to explain your abbreviations). I am always on some sort of diet, currently giving Weight Watchers a go. I love a good theme party and consider myself to be a great party planner/hostess.  I have a “real” job outside of this blog/online store and am actually a “computer geek”. I have an MIS degree and have an official title of “Programmer/Analyst”.

I am really Type A. I like order, control, and a plan (Hence my Organized Chaos series). I am overly emotional. I will literally cry at the drop off a hat & cry when I get mad. I get frustrated easily, which is part of the reason I started this blog, to help me find humor in frustrating situations.  I consume meat, caffeine, & sugar on the regular though we have recently switched over to a cleaner eating plan which you can read about here. I really like trying new makeup (though I don’t know why because I have zero make up application skills). My biggest flaw is my potty mouth. I have an active social life and stay busy, which I actually really love! My house is never ready for company so please don’t stop by unannounced. I don’t cook so please don’t get offended if I don’t ask you over for dinner. I struggle to say no so whatever you need me to do, I’ll do it.

Most importantly: I am a mom & a wife. Being Q Monster’s mom & JHub’s wife are my most treasured titles. I am far from the perfect mom or wife, but I don’t think those even exists so I’d like to think I am perfect for Quin & Jimmy. I have perfected the famous mom “1-2-3” count. I’ve got that whole “nothing”, said with a huff and an eye roll, down whenever JHub asks me what is wrong. I don’t believe in the whole “Green-Yellow-Red” color system. I have a mama bear side that will come out quick if you mess with my kiddo. I embrace the chaos of motherhood though more often than not the chaos controls me rather than me controlling the chaos.

This is me, summed up in a few hundred words. I am excited to share my Hot Mess Momma life with you & hope you’ll share your moments too on my HMM Facebook page.

Stick With

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