Momma Juice

It is no secret that I LOVE margaritas. Margaritas & online shopping are the keys to my sanity. I NEED these things in my life. I consider myself to be a margarita connoisseur. When I started Weight Watchers, one of the first things I looked up was “How many points is a margarita?” The answer was 8 and I only get 30 points in a day. I quickly realized why I had gained weight…I could easily drink my entire point value at dinner AND eat. However, I was committed to WW and decided I would just have to really budget my points each week and plan GNO and dinner dates with J-Hub into my points far in advanced.

I started researching a little and came across a WW friendly margarita recipe and after a little adapting to fit my taste buds, I came up with the best margarita recipe that I would drink whether I was on or off WW.

Here is the official Momma Juice recipe…

Things you’ll need:


-30oz cup (Yeti or a knock off would be best, keeps the ice colder longer!)

-1 can sprite zero

-1 can diet lemonade

-1 lime–wash it, you’ll be putting it into your glass

-2 shots of tequila


Fill your cup with ice and pour half the can of sprite, half the can of lemonade, and the shots of tequila in the  cup. Cut your lime in half and squeeze both sides of the lime into the cup and drop the squeezed lime into your cup. Mix. Add a straw and DRINK UP!

If you are on WW, this is 3 points…yep, that’s it! How awesome is that? Anyone else planning on watching games and sipping Momma Juice on Saturday?

mommacup(My cup of Momma Juice from this past weekend)


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