Hot Mess Momma Monday

Today is Monday which means there is a #HotMessMommaMoment contest going on over on our Facebook page. Today thru Wednesday we are giving away a Hot Mess Momma stainless steel tumbler! This is probably my most favorite item we have given away yet! All you have to do is comment on the post with your HMM Moment and you are automatically entered to win! These tumblers are AWESOME and are not sold in our online store so you want to win!


              (A picture of the prize--one for me, one for you!)

Here is my Hot Mess Momma Moment: The other  day Q Monster and I had to go out and about to run some errands. Right before (read: we are getting in the car, he is already buckled in his seat) we left the house he said he was hungry so I made the 6  mile hike up the stairs from the garage to the kitchen and grabbed him something to eat for lunch. What did I grab him? an Uncrustable (frozen PB&J for anyone that isn’t familiar, you find them in the frozen aisle and they are life changing-not only are they good, you didn’t have to waste time/energy making a sandwich and the crusts are already cut off. Not a paid advertisement, though Smuckers if you are reading this, just know I accept payment in the form of cash!) Q Monster was hungry and I am not a mean mom that makes him wait forever and a day to eat so I used my resources to cook his lunch. I put that frozen sandwich up on the dashboard and let the Alabama heat cook his lunch in record time. In about 5 minutes, his sandwich was cooked, he was happy, and I felt like a winner! So that my friends is my HMM Moment-I cooked my son’s lunch on my dashboard this week. What is your Hot Mess Momma Moment of the week? Share on FB so you can win one of our AWESOME tumblers!


                    (This is the lunch being cooked)

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