Winner Winner!

Our second #HotMessMonday contest has come to a close! I used an online random number generator to find our winner. Basically I counted the number of entries, googled “Random number generator”, clicked the first one that was listed, typed in the number of entries and clicked the “generate” button….BOOM a winner was born! The winning # was 5 so I went back to the post and counted down to the 5th entry and declared that person the winner.

winner(See how fancy & official we are around here)

And the winner is…..

Meliaha Desmond

Congrats Meliaha! If you will send us a message with your monogram, we will get your umbrella made and sent over to you!

Thanks for playing everyone. Of course, we will play again on Monday and below you will find a sneak peak of the AWESOME prize we are giving away! Don’t worry if you have already won, PLAY AGAIN AND WIN AGAIN!

winner2(Hint: I am not the prize!)

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