Hot Mess Momma Monday!

Over on the Facebook page  we are running a Hot Mess Monday contest! Comment on the post with your best Hot Mess Momma moment from the weekend & you’ll be entered to win a monogrammed HMM umbrella! The drawing will be held on Thursday. Share your moment, laugh at the other moms who had an equally entertaining momtastic moment, & win a fun prize!

I’ll start by sharing mine–This actually didn’t happen this past weekend but it was on my Facebook’s On This Day and I thought it was a perfect example of a HMM Moment…So one day I picked Quin up from school and his teacher asked me if I was pregnant. My first though was “Yep, that is my sign, I need to go on a diet”. My second thought was “WTF Bitch? Woman code says you never ask a woman that question”. I replied that no I was not in fact pregnant and she told me she was confused by Q’s shirt & the whole daycare had been talking about were we giving Q a sibling. I looked over at Q Monster’s shirt and discovered it said “The MVP of Brothers” …so not only did I purchase the shirt without realizing it was something about being a brother, I also got him dressed in said shirt without ever one time reading the shirt….the shirt should have read “My mom is a hot mess and has no clue what this shirt says”….Below is a picture of Q Monster rocking his brother shirt.


So there it is, my Hot Mess Momma moment! What is yours? Tell us about it! We all could use a good laugh. Don’t forget to like & share on the Facebook page so you can win a fabulous fun prize!


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