And The Winner Is…..



Our first official Facebook contest has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated! The winner of the free t-shirt is Jill Crawford. Don’t worry if you didn’t win–we’re giving away a ton of more FREE goodies over the next few weeks so go “like” our Facebook page and stay up-to-date with the latest contests and give aways.

Here are some pictures from the drawing that Q Monster and I did this morning. If you want to see the official video of Q drawing a winner, check it out on Facebook! Also, you’ll notice I am wearing our new Hot Mess Momma tee. These are officially listed for sale in our online store so go get one! Best part? FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

img_3182 Me holding the official winning entry!

img_3180 Q and I attempting to take a selfie with the winning ticket!

img_3169Filling out & making the tickets for the drawing! Real official looking right?

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