Manic [Wednesday] Morning

This morning was a rough one. Like a Monday dressed in Wednesday’s clothes. First off, I’m Type A, OCD, & a bit of a control freak so rough mornings are few & far between because I have a strict routine & can pretty much keep the chaos to a minimum. However, this morning got me…the chaos controlled me.

It started last night. Q monster & I were outside when he decided driving his Power Wheels on the small (yet hilly) driveway would be way cooler than driving in the large (mostly flat) backyard. I opened the gate & he drove his truck out. After a little while, and 1 million bug bites later, we got to go inside but not before Q parked in J-Hub’s side of the garage (J-Hub is out of town for work, lucky duck!). We got inside, we did our normal night time routine, & went to bed.

This morning I had an 8am appointment which meant I got to sleep in a bit since I had a whole extra hour before I had to be somewhere (I work part-time at a “real job” & go in at 7) .  Well, I took extra advantage and over slept by about 15 minutes ( huge thanks to dry shampoo for saving me shower time today). Once I finally got my a$$ out of bed, I let the fur child out & packed my lunch. I went to let said child in & he wasn’t at the door like normal. I poked my head out & saw the open gate & last nights events replayed in my mind. (Ugh! Why didn’t I shut the d@mn gate?) In the perfect world we would have a trained dog who would come back home when called but our dog is far from passing a basic obedience class. I went to the front porch & saw our dog up the street so I yelled his name. He acknowledged me and ran the other way. I decided my bed head/over sized margarita shirt/no bra look wasn’t the best look for dog hunting so I proceeded about my morning routine.

I went to brush my teeth & discovered my toothpaste was missing (I’m assuming my husband *mistankingly* packed it in his luggage). Ugh! Now I’ve gotta make the mile trek upstairs to the linen closet where we keep extras. I make the hike only to find kids bubble gum Colgate & some SensOShit sample….(mentally add toothpaste to my grocery list). Because I am an adult, or pretend to be, I opted for the “adult” SensOShit crap. Out of breath, I make it to my sink & start brushing…y’all seriously I don’t know who taste tested this particular brand/flavor but it tasted like an ashtray…shoulda went with bubble tutti fruity cartoon kids stuff! I get myself & Q Monster dressed. We stood out in the yard yelling at the dog to no avail. Well I have an 8am appointment & Birmingham traffic is stupid so I gotta get going or I’ll be late (cue my stress & panic). Q & I loaded up in the car and went to find the pup….we find him at the top of our driveway so I open the door to try & lure him in  because dogs love car rides or at least mine used to. That didn’t work. I grabbed a few pieces of Q’s breakfast (popcorn if you want to know & judge) and get out. I literally stood in the road, holding out popcorn, & tried to reason with a d@mn dog. I was literally on the verge of tears and/or leaving him outside for the day when he climbed in the car. At this point, one would think I felt the sweet moment of victory but NO the dog got the final word when he climbed all over my lap and was soaking a$$ wet & covered in dirt/grass.

I got the pup inside the house & Q dropped off at school. I even had time to get gas & still arrive 5 minutes early to my appointment! I apologize to my neighbors if you witnessed the chaos this morning…just ignore us…I also should thank and apologize to the sweet new-ish neighbor who so politely posted in our neighborhood Facebook group about MY dog running around the neighborhood…thanks for looking out & i’m sorry you got to meet my dog before you got to meet me. After that crazy morning, my day was back to regularly scheduled programming. Anyone else have a Hot Mess Monday  Wednesday?!?


3 thoughts on “Manic [Wednesday] Morning

  1. I’m so glad we are neighbors & I definitely can’t wait to meet you. Glad to know there are other HOT MESS Momma’s out there!!


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